Ninite 64-bit trick

Here’s an undocumented tip on how to force Ninite to install the 64-bit version of a package, when autodetection erroneously installs the 32-bit version.

Apple hates developers

My employer will soon release a smartphone app (iPhone and Android), for the first time.  Actually we will release several apps for several customers.  These customers pay my employer to take care of all the technical stuff, so we release the apps in their names. And I got the task of registering developer accounts for [...]

Ubuntu Linux on ASRock Core 100HT

I installed Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) 32 bit on my ASRock Core 100HT, which I use as an “HTPC” (Home Theater PC) or “mediacenter”. For now I also use it as a NAS and a few other odd jobs. Everything I’ve tried so far worked out of the box, except infrared. I had to install [...]

Layers pattern for security

Pay attention, web developers! This is where too many of you screw up. Way too often a few characters behave strange and a quick fix is made, in stead of taking a step back to look at the real problem.

This is fine for the beginning amateur, but professionals should always get this right.

What happens when [...]

Spiders on caffeine

You may have seen these images before, but I think they are much more interesting with a bit of explanation of the drugs.


This is a typical spider web. This is the goal, what you should compare the other images with.


This spider was given marijuana (or “hash”) before making the web. Marijuana makes you [...]

Fresh content: How I have modified Wordpress so far.

So, for the first time in too many years, and since I changed my homepage into a blog, there’s new content! It’s a boring article about how I have modified Wordpress so far, to make it behave the way I want. I have a feeling this one will be updated sooner or later.

New homepage / Ny hjemmeside

Once again, it’s time for a new homepage. I will import everything still relevant from the old homepage, but some pages will die.

Så er det endnu engang tid til en ny hjemmeside. Alt hvad der stadig er aktuelt fra den gamle vil blive flyttet, men nogle sider forsvinder.